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PGG Wrightson Limited is an NZX listed agricultural supply business based in New Zealand. It is one of the major suppliers to the agricultural sector in New Zealand providing products such as seeds, grains, livestock, irrigation, farm equipment, insurance and financing. PGG Wrightson invested in a lighting upgrade of its Otautau store which had lighting that was reaching the end of its service life and was beginning to affect customer and employee experience within the store. The store saw remarkable results through the lighting upgrade with the store manager commenting;

"From clients as well as other staff members, clients thought we had, had a complete make-over, and a big change around with shelving and stock, everyone is so shocked when we let them know the only difference is the lighting has been updated"

Key Highlights

  • A 458% Increase in lighting within the warehouse area of the building while also significantly decreasing electricity cost.
  • A 225% increase in the average light levels in the retail area from 363lx to 817lx.
  • Extremely positive customer feedback with clients believing the entire store had a re-model when only the lighting elements were upgraded.
  • A short return of investment of only 2.68 years.

PGG Wrightson
Return on Investment
2.68 Years
Annual savings
Bulk Good Storage | Before and After

Retail Area - Front Entrance Perspective | Before & After
Retail Store After upgrade

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