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Aramex is a NASDAQ listed multinational logistics, courier and package delivery company. The Canterbury branch opted to upgrade its lighting and invested in the latest lighting and wireless technology available to maximise return on investment while also increasing employee productivity and safety. The result is a return of investment of 2.1 years and an annual net profitability of $19,124.00. per annum.

Key Highlights

  • By utilising the latest wireless lighting technology, Aramex was also to dramatically reduce operating costs of lighting in key areas of the building. This is through a combination of light sensing to adjust lighting output depending on the amount of light in room spaces as well as occupancy sensing so the lighting shuts down if no one is present in the area.
  • Aramex was able to attain an exceptional return of investment of only 2.1 years and an annual net saving of $19,124 per annum
  • Courier productivity increases as warehouse picking and sorting is now faster, largely resulting for better lighting and optical control to ensure key areas are lit to optimise visibility.
Aramex Couriers
Return on Investment
2.12 Years
Annual savings
Temporary Storage Racking After Upgrade
Sorting Area After Upgrade
Aramex exterior with flood lighting on at dusk

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