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New Zealand businesses trust Lighter to design and install ultra-efficient LED lighting solutions that reduce operating costs, create safer and superior working environments, and improve environmental sustainability. If you need a better solution for your LED lights in NZ, we are the team to call. Click on the button below to make a booking, or call us now.

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New Zealand businesses and public entities all over the country trust Lighter solutions to reduce operating costs, create better and safer working environments, and contribute to a better environment with our commercial lighting services

New Zealand businesses and public entities all over the country trust Lighter solutions to reduce operating costs, create better and safer working environments, and contribute to a better environment.

Our Process


A Lighter representative conducts an initial site visit to examine the current lights. We record the data, including the types of light products and quantities. We find out the current costs of electricity and other maintenance costs, if known.

Energy Audit Report Generated

We crunch the numbers and provide a free energy audit report, detailing the current lighting energy and maintenance costs and whether a new light solution using LEDs would be a viable option.

Full Site Survey

We conduct a full site survey and determine all of the specific details for quotation to ensure we create the best possible solution. We track objectives, assess current light levels and whether they meet health and safety requirements, and record all of this data.

Proposal & Quotation

We generate a full proposal with a curated lighting design. This includes a quotation for the project with a combination of different payment methods depending on budgetary and financial requirements.


We acquire all the products and arrange a suitable installation time and date. We remove and dispose of all the old lighting products (unless you wish to keep them) and install all the new lights using our team of certified electrical contractors.

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Smiths Cranes,  Production Supervisor

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Mitre 10, New Plymouth

Our Services

Whether you are based in a main centre like Auckland, or in a rural area like Otautau, we install our ultra efficient LED Lights all over New Zealand, and will happily bring our services to you. Contact us now to get started!

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Commercial, retail, and industrial LED lighting solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as they are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and last much longer.

A factory with new LED lights


Lighter Limited offers a variety of LED products that are suitable to light up your space in a variety of applications, including indoor and outdoor lighting.

LED high bay lights


LEDs are one of the most energy-efficient and rapidly-evolving lighting technologies available today. We use a variety of LED lights in our designs and installs.

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Why Choose Lighter: the Leading LED Light Solution

Stores and commercial premises around the country are turning to Lighter to provide quality LED lighting designs and installs for a number of reasons. The LED technology and solutions we offer at Lighter go above and beyond traditional lighting.

Energy Efficient Lights

We have worked with a leading New Zealand lighting manufacturer to deliver our clients the country's most efficient lights. These use 27% less power and last 40% longer than most other equivalent LED lights on the market, saving money on your electricity bills and maintenance. Traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights are nowhere near as energy efficient as our LED lights, which use significantly less power to produce the same amount of light.

Custom Design and Seamless Installation

We take the time to understand your lighting needs, create a custom lighting design and are with you all the way. We make the installation process easy for you, from health & safety to our qualified installation team with years of experience, we make the complex simple. We employ a dedicated Health & Safety officer who knows the ins and outs of health & safety. We also boast a specialist team of electrical contractors led by one of the industry's most experienced electricians. We take the time to understand your lighting needs and are with you all the way.

Long Lifespan and Warranty

LEDs have an incredibly long lifespan - up to 70,000 hours - saving you time, money, and maintenance costs you would otherwise have to spend replacing traditional lights. Our leading warranty means if there is an issue with the lighting or installation, we’ll fix it – all at our cost, for the entire 5-year service plan included in your project. Your product additionally comes with a 5 to 7-year warranty for your peace of mind. If a product does not deliver what we promise, we’ll replace it – free of charge.

Flexible and Durable

LEDs come in a wide range of output, power and colour temperatures, so they are very versatile. At Lighter, we offer a wide range of wall and ceiling LED light products, including flood lights, ceiling panel lights, highbays, and much more. Also, LEDs are far more durable as they lack the fragile filaments and glass components you would otherwise find in traditional light bulbs. In commercial settings, where they may be at more risk of damage, LEDs are also more resistant to impacts.

A Sustainable Solution

We deliver the most environmentally friendly lighting systems that use the least amount of power per unit of light produced ( Lumens per Watt). Choosing our LED lights over traditional options is a great way to reduce carbon emissions as well as save you money.

What are you waiting for? Our custom LED lighting solutions are the best way to light the interior of your commercial, industrial, and retail building. Traditional lights don’t even come close to comparing with the quality of our LED lights.

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