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New Zealand businesses trust Lighter to reduce operating costs, create safer and superior working environments, and improve environmental sustainability

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New Zealand businesses and public entities all over the country trust Lighter solutions to reduce operating costs, create better and safer working environments, and contribute to a better environment.


A Lighter representative conducts an initial site visit to examine the current lighting. We record the lighting data, including the types of products and quantities. We find out the current costs of electricity and other maintenance costs, if known.

Energy Audit Report Generated

We crunch the numbers and provide a free energy audit report, detailing the current lighting energy and maintenance costs and whether a new solution would be a viable option.

Full Site Survey

We conduct a full site survey and determine all of the specific details for quotation to ensure we create the best possible solution. We discover objectives, assess current lighting levels and whether they meet health and safety requirements and record all of this data.

Proposal & Quotation

We generate a full proposal with a curated lighting design. This includes a quotation for the project with a combination of different payment methods depending on budgetary and financial requirements.


We arrange all the products and an agreed install time and date. We remove and dispose of all the old lighting products (unless you wish to keep them) and install all the new lighting using certified electrical contractors.

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"Good guys, good Staff...Very happy, no problems"

Colin Dixon

Smiths Cranes,  Production Supervisor

"Great Communication"

Rebecca Darvitzki

Mitre 10, New Plymouth


LED lighting solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as they are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and last much longer.


Lighter Limited offers a variety of LED lighting products that are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including indoor and outdoor lighting.


LEDs are one of the most energy efficient and rapidly-evolving lighting technologies available today. We use a variety of LED lights in our designs and installs.

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