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Mitre 10 is a major New Zealand chain of home improvement stores established in June 1974. It employs more than 6000 team members combined and functions as a co-operative, with over 80 stores run by 60 local owner-operators. Lighter worked with Mitre 10's Blenheim branch to upgrade its drive-through lighting to improve customer and staff experience and increase Health & Safety.

Mitre 10 Mega
Return on Investment
Annual savings

Lighten & Brighten With a Short Return on Investment

Mitre 10 Blenheim wanted to increase to overall illumination for its checkout and drive through zones within its building to increase the customer and staff experience as well and providing better worksite health and safety. The upgrade resulted in a 200-300% increase in lighting levels on average and and short return on investment of 2.5 years.

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