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We install ultra-efficient low/high bay LED lights, developed in New Zealand, to brighten your commercial space. Contact Lighter today, and let's work together to bring you a great working environment

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If you are looking for a new solution for your lighting, Lighter should be your number one choice. Our high bay LED lights are ideal for retail, supermarkets, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gyms, and more.

Ultra LED Highbay Series

Developed for extreme light efficiency and reliable performance. The Ultra LED Highbay is an industry game changer. Capable of providing a comparable lumen output to a generic 150W LED high bay at only 110W - the Ultra series is a professional solution for new or retrofit projects.

Commercial High Bay LED Lights

  • Up to 190lm/W Efficiency2
  • 5-Year parts + labour included
  • 27% more efficient than most LED high bay products
  • NZ's most efficient high bay Lights

Why Change Your Lighting to LED

If you want to improve the working environment and energy efficiency of your commercial and industrial facilities, then our high bay LED lights are the perfect solution for you.

While making the switch to LED high bays may feel daunting, we are with you all the way. We ensure your new LED light design meets all your requirements. Our end-to-end service covers the initial consultation, to design, installation and post-install assistance. Trust that we have your back and genuinely want to help you achieve the best possible LED light solution.

Let us give you a few ideas about why you might want to switch your facility's lights to LED:

More Energy-Efficient Lights

If you are using a regular lighting system and are experiencing skyrocketing energy bills, you are not the only one. Our LED high bay lights use significantly less energy than your classic fluorescent or incandescent lights and will save money on your electricity bills.

A Light With a Longer Lifespan

You might get 10,000 to 20,000 hours of use out of regular lights, or 50,000 hours when you switch to LED, however with our ultra-efficient, durable LED lights you will get around 70,000 hours of use. That minimises the frequency at which you need to replace your lights. Low / High Bay LED Lights will save you thousands on maintenance costs.

Safety Through Better Visibility

Our highbay solutions take advantage of the latest LED technology to provide bright and uniform lighting, which can greatly improve visibility, and therefore safety, in your facility. The natural white beam that comes from our LED high bay lights is a game-changer in areas where precision and accuracy are key, such as in manufacturing or warehousing operations.

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Traditional lighting options do not compare to LED when it comes to environmental sustainability. Less power means less emissions. Plus, since they last so much longer than regular high bay aisle light options, there is less waste going into landfill.

A Versatile Solution

We offer a broad range of lights for a broad range of applications.

Greater Durability

Our high bay light solutions using LED are much more durable than other high bay lights, they can take a knock!

Less Heat to Worry About

LED technology is far superior to traditional lights because it transfers almost all of its energy into light. This might seem intuitive, but traditional lights actually use most of the energy they get on creating heat, not light. Not only is this a waste of energy, but it also means you might be spending extra on cooling costs.

Overall, switching the lights in your facility to LED will improve your energy efficiency. It's also a smart move for the environment, safety, and visibility. It's a win-win situation. Talk to us today to find out more about our low / high bay LED lights.

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