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Lighter Limited helps reduce your power bill by installing better systems to help you take charge of your lighting. That allows you to control your LED light fixtures easily, ensuring they operate even more efficiently. Contact us and we'll take care of all your commercial lighting control system requirements.

LED Commercial Light Fixtures

At Lighter Limited, we are here to help you find more sustainable solutions and controls for your lighting. Using LED lighting, you can illuminate your commercial spaces for less. Your initial investment in the product will pay for itself time and again, minimising your energy usage and carbon footprint.

We offer a fantastic selection of commercial light products, including fixtures, controls, and accessories suitable for a wide range of applications. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation and to learn more about our lighting solutions and services.

What is a Lighting Control System?

Commercial lighting control systems are a technology used to manage and control the lighting in any commercial or industrial building. The system typically includes lighting switches and sensors, the control unit is in the light, which can be programmed to manage your LED lighting according to your needs.

Ideal for our commercial and industrial clients, we recommend these systems because they make controlling your lighting much simpler. Whether you're looking to increase energy efficiency, enhance comfort and convenience, or create visual effects, a lighting control system has you covered. Embrace the future of lighting with better solutions and controls from Lighter Limited today!

Lighting Controls for Commercial Clients

If you run a commercial or industrial facility, enhancing your controls on your lighting is a great way to help smooth out your operations. The specifics of your system will depend on the type of building you run, whether that be a hospital, retail store, hotel, school, warehouse or anything else.

When designing your lighting control solutions, our expert team will account for a range of factors - starting with your feedback. How you want to control your lighting is the most important aspect of your transition to a contemporary LED commercial lighting system.

Some of the other factors we will take into account include the functionality best suited to your facility, and the types of light controls, fittings, switches, and accessories you have already. You may want your system of light controls to integrate with other systems you have, such as HVAC, emergency or security systems. What your commercial lighting control looks like will be completely unique to you, and our team has the resources and experience to meet your needs.

Let us take you through some of the lighting control options that are available to you:

Light Dimmers - Digital or Analog Lighting Control

Light dimmers are powerful controls for commercial spaces that want to create the perfect lighting environment. The ability to adjust the brightness of lights to the desired level allows you to customise your lighting according to your needs. Here are some of the key benefits of using light dimming controls in your commercial building:

  1. Energy efficiency: By controlling the brightness of lights, dimmer controls help to conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.
  2. Improved comfort: Dimmer controls can create the perfect lighting levels for specific areas, such as retail areas to help to improve the warmth of a retail space or factory areas to improve productivity.
  3. Increased versatility: We understand that commercial enterprises are never static. Light dimmer controls can be easily adjusted to meet changing needs, for example, to accommodate different events or activities.

Curious about whether dimmer systems are right for you? Contact our team today, and we will help you find your ideal lighting solution.

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting systems, otherwise known as daylighting systems, detect the natural light in a space and only add artificial lighting when the light levels drop to a certain point. These sensors recognise standard natural light as a first choice and its importance for our biological clocks, which can help support employee well-being.

Daylight harvesting solutions offer multiple benefits, including power savings, improved lighting quality, increased productivity, enhanced sustainability, and smart flexibility. By reducing the amount of artificial light required, daylight harvesting lighting control and sensors are great solutions for significantly lowering electricity costs - and creating an environment that is both visually appealing and energy efficient.

Moreover, by reducing energy consumption, daylight harvesting lighting control can help reduce the carbon footprint of a building and promote sustainability. The hands-free technology saves you the hassle of manually tracking when the lights are on or off. The product is also adaptable and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of different types of buildings and applications.

Contact our team at Lighter Limited to find out more about daylight harvesting controls. We know the ins and outs of LED commercial lighting control systems, and our services are designed to help you find the best solutions for your lighting needs.

Timer-Based Digital Lighting Control

Timer-based lighting control is a simple and cost-effective way to control the lighting in a building. The system operates by turning lights on and off based on a pre-set schedule (rather than a sensor) that is programmed into the timer. Typically used in spaces with regular patterns of use, such as office buildings, education facilities, and retail stores in a shopping center, these systems are great solutions for our commercial and industrial clients.

If you want to optimise energy usage and reduce energy costs, timer-based LED lighting controls could be what you need. For example, lights can be set to turn off when a space is empty and turn on just before it is occupied again. This intelligent lighting system helps to ensure that lights are only on when needed, which can result in significant energy savings.

Timer-based lighting control is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to control the lighting in a building and provide power savings, improved comfort, and enhanced productivity. Contact our team today!

Wireless Light Control Systems

Wireless lighting control solutions use wireless technology to simplify your lighting management. Control and monitor your lighting from anywhere using a mobile device or a central control system that connects your lights to a wireless network.

Wireless controls make it easier for you to customise and manage your lighting. For an even more convenient user experience, we can integrate your wireless controls with other smart building systems and solutions so you can stay in control of your facility remotely.

If you want to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs generated by your lighting system, wireless controls are fantastic solutions. For example, you can set your lighting to turn off automatically when a space is unoccupied or adjust the brightness based on how much natural light is available. By ensuring the lights are only on when you need them, your initial investment in wireless lighting will pay for itself time and again.

A wireless lighting control product is a convenient and cost-effective solution that provides greater control, flexibility, and energy efficiency. The wireless nature of these lighting solutions makes them ideal for both new and existing commercial facilities buildings, and they can be easily integrated with other smart systems for a seamless user experience.

Our team at Lighter Limited will give you all the support you need so you get the best controls for your lighting and ensure your lighting systems run smoothly. We're experts in all things to do with LED solutions, including lighting, accessories, and controls. Illuminate your building the right way, and choose us now!

Zone Lighting Control

With this technology, you can control the brightness of individual rooms. Zone controls are not only convenient, but they can also save you money on your energy bill.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all lighting and customise the lighting in each room to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a bright, energising light for work or warm, relaxing lighting for a retail show room, zone controls have you covered.

Create a welcoming and professional atmosphere for your customers and employees with zone lighting control. Giving you the ability to set schedules and create different scenes, zone controls on your lighting allow you to effortlessly manage the different areas in your commercial or industrial facility.

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