LED lighting installation is very prevalent all around the world due to LED lighting's many benefits that make it a great choice for commercial and industrial spaces. Every NZ business owner should consider LEDs for their facility if they want a lighting solution that's energy-efficient and looks amazing.

However, getting lights for your entire space is no small feat, and you shouldn't make this choice lightly. Your lighting will affect the safety, comfort and visibility of your space for both your staff and your guests.

There are some details that you need to consider before you select your lights. What do you need to think about? Read on to find out!

What To Consider Before You Select LED Lights For Your Commercial Space

LED lighting installation is a process with several steps, and that process starts with you determining what lighting company you want to go with and which product you need for your space.

Think about the following before you choose your products:

1. How Many Lights You Need. First of all, how large is your space? How many lights will you need to light your facility completely? Factor the volume of lights you'll need into your budget.

A proper lighting design will help with this as a simple 1:1 replacement may not be the best solution or produce the desired results.

2. The Lighting Control System. After the LED lighting installation is complete, you'll need to understand exactly how to control your brand-new lights. Be sure you know the type of lighting control system that will be installed, where it will be installed and how you can use it.

3. The Types Of Lights For Your Specific Space. One wonderful thing about LEDs is that they come in various shapes, sizes and colours. What type of lights do you need for your space? Look through your options and speak with your lighting provider to determine your best choice.

4. Brightness. Naturally, larger spaces will need brighter LEDs to adequately light the entire area. It's especially important for spaces with high ceilings, like warehouses, to have effective lighting so that everyone on the floor can clearly see where they're going and what they're looking at.

Appropriate lighting makes a space safer because it can prevent trips, collisions and accidents.

5. Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency is a major perk of LED lighting installation. LEDs can use up to 75% less energy than some other standard types of lighting - just imagine the savings on your monthly utility bills!

Try to select energy-efficient LEDs that provide a lot of light for a reasonable amount of energy.

6. The Lighting Design. Practicality is essential, but aesthetics are also very important, particularly for places like retail stores because you want the space to look inviting and lovely. You'll want to work with a team who understands lighting design so that you can produce a design that works perfectly for your property.

7. The Price. LED lighting installation costs money, and you'll want to be completely clear about how much the installation will cost before it commences. Work out the cost of your project with your lighting company before work starts.

Consider things like Return On Investment and how the lights selected will save on energy costs over time. Cheaper LEDs may not be as efficient and produce the same ROI as more ultra-efficient lights.

8. Ease Of Maintenance. Even if your new LEDs are amazing and bright, you won't be happy if they have to be constantly maintained. Ask your provider about the maintenance that will need to be conducted on your lights.

Different types of lighting may require different types of maintenance, so it's always best to be clear before they're installed. Fortunately, LEDs are an extremely durable lighting option and maintenance should be relatively simple for your space.

The Lighting Provider. Finally, it's highly recommended that you only choose a lighting provider with lots of experience and excellent products. Always entrust your LED lighting installation to professionals who know exactly what they're doing.

Remember, professionals will have the experience, tools, knowledge and work ethic to get your lights safely installed as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose LEDs?

Why choose LEDs for your commercial or industrial space? The answer to that question is easy! It's because LEDs are:

  • High-Quality, But Still Affordable. LEDs are a wonderful cost-effective solution, especially considering all their benefits. Many business owners are smartly choosing LEDs because they're a smart financial decision.
  • Bright, But Not Hot. You want your lights to be adequately bright, but lights that overheat make your space uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Don't worry - LEDs give off very little heat, so they're nice and bright without drastically raising the temperature of your building.
  • Long-Lasting, But Low-Maintenance. LEDs can last for an exceptional amount of time, yet you won't have to worry about constantly maintaining or replacing them.

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