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What We Do

We partner with New Zealand businesses and public entities all over the country to help them upgrade their lighting. We save our clients money, create better and safer working environments, and contribute to a better environment.

Free Energy Audits

Lighter carries a large amount of expertise in energy efficiency and monitoring and we bring forth those skills  to our clients. Find out how much your lighting is really costing you and what options you have to save money.

Lighting Design & Solutions

A successful lighting implementation relies on on great layout and design. We provide free lighting design services to our clients using the latest lighting software to ensure we get the right amount of light - the first time.

Lighting Product Installation

Lighter carries has a team of licenced electrical experts to install our lighting products. Our experts are fully registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board & also have undertaken all of the necessary Worksafe practices and procedures to ensure projects run seamlessly and safely.

Tomorrows lighting. Today.

Our lighting solutions only use the very best of lighting technology, with much of this technology never seen in by the public eye before. We provide products that deliver better efficiency and lifespan of most 'standard' options to delivery the best solution to our clients.
Carefully Crafted solutions

"A total no brainer. Brand new lights and we make money every month by having them?!"

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our Approach

Work Process



A lighter representative conducts an initial site visit to examine the type of lighting that the site has. We record the lighting data including the types of products and quantities. We find out the current costs of electricity and other maintainence costs if they are known.

Energy Audit Report Generated

Lighter crunches the numbers and provides the client a free energy audit report, detailing the current lighting enrgy and maintenance costs and whether a new solution would be a viable option.

Full Site Survey

We conduct a full site survey and determine all of the specific details for quotation to ensure that the best possible solution is created to meet the needs of the client. We find out the clients objectives, determine current lighting levels and whether they meet health and safety requirements and record all of this data for the full proposal

Proposal & Quotation

A generate a full proposal with your curated solution along with a quotation for the project with a combination of different payment methods depending on clients current budgetary financials.


We arrange all the products and an agreed install time and date. We remove and dispose of all the old lighting products (unless you wish to keep them) and install all the new lighting using certified electrical contractors.