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Expol Limited - Maker of popular polystyrene insulation products for New Zealand homes fully upgrades the lighting in three of its sites over the South Island to the latest LED lighting technology. Expol is mindful of the environment and by changing the lighting, it significantly reduced the companies carbon footprint as well as greatly reduced the operational expenditure of all three sites.

Expol Ltd
Return on Investment
1.69 years
Annual savings

A Lighter workplace is "easier on the eyes"

Old lighting in 3 Expol Factories meant employees were working in a dull 'yellow' working environment. Bulbs had blown, their were others that were dull. Poor lighting can create a warm light which causes drowsiness and poor productivity. Blown bulbs have the potential to create dark spots in the factory. Since changing staff have commented how they are not feeling as tired and how the whiter natural light is easier on the eye and they can see the details in their work. They also noted that the lights come on instantly so they can get straight onto the job.

Like boosting factory output

Expensive and old is how we would describe the Expol factory lights. We calculated Expol could make an extra $50,000 profit annually by changing over the lights. This  is comparable to boosting a sizeable chunk of annual production output for no additional labour or material costs. Lighter lights are all rated over 50,000 hours so that means no more changing the light bulbs for many yeas. We calculated that the savings over the rated life of the lights would be $880,000.

An environmental win

416 Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent over the life of the lights is how much Expol is reducing its environemntal footprint by. This is the equivalent of planting 416 trees or taking 115 cars off the road for a year.

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